Print this page Why is my record clean status "Not Found" when it is found in the Search?

Knowledge Article Number 000221091
Description When cleaning a record with Clean, the following message can appear:

"Not Found. Based on the information in your record, we could not find a similar account in"

This message occurs when is not able to find a match for the record.  The matching engine is very precise and looking for key information in a record to return a match.  While may have a corresponding record available through search, there is not enough information to return a confident match for the customer.
How This is Encountered:
  • Customer presses the manual 'Clean' button on a Contact, Lead or Account record -OR- automated clean runs and sets the clean status to 'Not Found'
  • Customer searches tab and is able to find a similar record questioning why that record did not come back as a potential match
Having a better understanding of how matches records will allow the customer to know what data is missing from their record in order to have the best chance for matching.

The following articles provide detailed information regarding matching, and the necessary information that is needed in order to be matched successfully.

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