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Track whether Close Date of an opportunity falls Outside of Fiscal quarter

Knowledge Article Number 000221106
Description How can close date changes be tracked to determine if the closed date falls outside of current quarter

Use Case: A sales organization is interested to know how many opportunity's close date gets moved to a different quarter and thereby get the trend.

A) Create a Checkbox

  1.  Setup | Customize | Opportunity* | Fields | "New"  
  2.   Enter Details in the field (DO NOT ASSIGN DEFAULT VALUE)

B) Create a Workflow Rule

  1. From Select Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Workflow Rules | New
  2. Select Object: Opportunity 
  3. Evaluation Criteria: Created and Every Time it's Edited 
  4. Rule Criteria: Every time "formula evaluates to true" 
    1,"Q1",2,"Q1",3,"Q1",4,"Q2",5,"Q2",6,"Q2",7,"Q3",8,"Q3",9,"Q3","Q4") <> CASE(MONTH(PRIORVALUE(ClosedDate)),
  5. Add Workflow Action:  New Field Update 
  6. Field update will be on Checkbox Field, Select the New Value: True
  7. To track opportunity trends, enable history tracking on this field. 
  8. Save & Activate Workflow

C) Enable and Configure Tracking Field History

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