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Description How do I view my team's goals?
Resolution The best way to view your team's goals is to have your System Admin create list view, so that when you go to the Goals tab you can just switch the view.  Have your Salesforce System Administrator do the following:

1. Go to Setup | Customize | | Goals | Fields 

2. Click the New button in the Goal Custom Fields & Relationships section 

3. Create a new Formula field with return type of Checkbox and name it isUserManager 

4. Set the formula to Owner:User.Manager.Id = $User.Id and Save it 

5. Go to the Goals tab and create a new list view and name it My Team's Goals

6. Add the following filter for step 2:

Field: isUserManager

Operator: equals

Value: True

7. In step 4 make sure you select the radio button to make the view Visible to all users

8. [OPTIONAL] The list view will only show goals that have been shared with the manager.  To automatically share goals with Manager Groups you need to enable the Give manager groups access to goals setting under Setup | Customize | | Settings.  This setting will allow both direct managers and indirect managers to see goals owned by their subordinates.

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