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Salesforce Files Sync throws errors when trying to update Content files

Knowledge Article Number 000221177

When using Salesforce Files Sync to update files in Content, the application stops and displays the error message "This file is managed by a library, so it can't be updated using Salesforce Files Sync. Those who have editing permission in the library can edit and upload a new version of the file in Salesforce".

Salesforce Files Sync displays the error message even when the user owns the file in Salesforce Content.

The error message is not displayed when the file is uploaded to a private library: Salesforce Files syncs without a problem.

Resolution The error message is actually expected behavior: Documents in shared Content Libraries are controlled by the permissions associated with the libraries. These permissions control who can do what with the documents.

When Salesforce Files Sync synchronizes a file from a shared Content Library to a local folder, it is not readily obvious what permissions the user has to the file. To prevent overwriting documents a user might not have permission to update/edit, files in a shared library are synced to the local folder in read-only mode and new versions are prevented from syncing back into the library with the above error message. 

To get updated files into a shared library in Content, users must upload them through the browser by following the steps described in the Help & Training topic Updating Content Versions

Files in local folders will sync without error messages if the Content Library in question is private. 

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