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Master Unsubscribe and Global Unsubscribe in Subscribers Lists

Knowledge Article Number 000221189

Master Unsubscribe Lists are specific to individual accounts. Subscriber are on the "Master Unsubscribe" list if they're noted as "unsubscribed" in the "All Subscribers" list.  Look for "Reactivating a Subscriber who has been Master Unsubscribed" within the link below for more info on how to be removed from an master unsubscribe status. 

Global Unsubscribe Lists are a system-wide list and affect all Accounts. Subscribers on these lists have requested no communication from any Account in the Marketing Cloud system.  To remove a subscriber from the Marketing Cloud global unsubscribe list, the subscriber must send an email to from the email address in question stating that they wish to be removed from said global unsubscribe list. 

More info on SFMC Unsubscribes found here.

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