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Enable Outbound Messages

Knowledge Article Number 000221208
Description Available in:  Enterprise Edition; Performance (AKA - Unlimited) Edition; Developer Edition

How Outbound Message Notification becomes available on Setup menu?

In order to have the option to configure the Outbound Message Notification under the SetUp menu, request to Enable dead letter queue for outbound messaging for the org. 

Contact Salesforce support with the following information to enable the feature;

1. What is Organization ID of the production or sandbox?  (Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information):
2. Are you the system administrator authorized on behalf of this organization to request this feature?:

Once this feature is enabled, the following options will be visible under SetUp menu;

1. Outbound Message Notification

SetUp | Monitor | Outbound Message Notifications

2. Failed Outbound Messages 

SetUp | Monitor | Outbound Messages | Failed Outbound Messages 

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