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How to Display the 24-Hour Time or Military Time of a Date/Time field

Knowledge Article Number 000221211
Description The following article explains how to create a formula field to display the 24-hour or Military Time of a Date/Time field.
Resolution The base example formula is the below Syntax:

MOD( Date_Time_Field_Goes_Here__c - ($System.OriginDateTime + 5/24),1) *24)
TEXT( Date_Time_Field_Goes_Here__c ),6

In the above example, the 5/24 represents the time zone the user is in. In the example, the user is in EST or GMT-5 so we use 5/24. In order to display an accurate time to the user this value needs to be changed to reflect the hours away from GMT the user is in. 

Example: 6/24 is CST, 7/24 is MST, and 8/24 is PST.

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