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Send to New Contacts in the Contact Builder

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Requirements to send to a new Contact

In order for new contacts to be sent to successfully via a channel application using Contacts as the source of its population (such as Journey Builder, MobileConnect, or MobilePush), the contacts must be present in a root source, as well as have an associated channel address that has been defined in the Channel Address Order.  A root source may be one of the following:
  • Email All Subscribers list.
  • MobileConnect Demographics Attribute Set.
  • MobilePush Demographics Attribute Set.
  • Any Data Extension linked to an Attribute Group as an Attribute Set with a one-to-one relationship to Contacts, where the Attribute Set has the Use as root checkbox selected.

A Channel Address is an attribute associated to a contact that defines where a message from a channel application is received by a contact. The attribute has a specific datatype depending on the channel:
  • Journey Builder Email: Email Address Data Type.
  • MobileConnect or Journey Builder SMS: Phone Number Data Type.
  • MobilePush or Journey Builder Push: Text Field Linked to Device ID in the MobilePush Demographics Attribute Set.

Learn more:
  • For information on how to set the Channel Address Order, see the Related Topics section below.
  • To learn more about root sources, please refer to the Root Relationship section in the Data Designer Help site article.

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