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Duplicate Rules aren't picking up duplicate City Names

Knowledge Article Number 000221248
Description When setting up Duplicate and Matching rules, using City as the criteria may not bring up a warning or blocker when creating new records - this can be expected.
Resolution The Duplicate and Matching rule setup currently looks for the first 100 records to match against.

So for example, if an Org has 500 records with a city of Houston - and a user tries to create a new record using Houston as the city, Salesforce will only look at the first 100 Houston records to try to find a match - if no match is found, there will be no duplicate warning.

Specifically - if there is an address of 111 Acme Blvd, Houston, TX - and the user has a matching rule on Street and City - Salesforce will look at the first 100 Houston records. If no 111 Acme Blvd in Houston is found in those first 100 records, there will be no match.

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