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How can I see who voted in a Chatter Poll?

Knowledge Article Number 000221260
Description In a Chatter Poll, it's possible to see the number of votes for each choice, but how can you tell who voted and what they voted for?
Resolution Using SOQL queries and the DataLoader, it's possible to export data that will let you determine who voted, and what they voted for on a Chatter Poll.

There are three objects involved:
  • FeedItem - The FeedItem record is the Chatter post itself. 
  • FeedPollChoice - The choices for all polls are stored on this object. Each record contains a poll choice, along with a lookup to the FeedItem. For example, if a poll is created with three choices, then there would be three records added to FeedPollChoice, each referencing the FeedItem (the field is FeedItemId). 
  • FeedPollVote - This object stores the votes on a poll. Each record looks up to FeedItem and FeedPollChoice; the fields are FeedItemId and ChoiceId, respectively. There is also a CreatedById field, which is a lookup to User. 

By exporting records from FeedPollVote, then cross-referencing FeedPollChoice and FeedItem, it's possible to determine who voted on a Chatter Poll, when they voted, and what choice they made when voting. For additional information, please review the Object Reference for Salesforce and


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