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Merge Fields for Campaign Members in Template using a Workflow Email Action

Knowledge Article Number 000221351
Description Why does merge fields for Campaign members not populate when sending it through Manual or Mass emails?
Resolution Merge Field for Campaign Members only populates if the email template is use under an email alert for a workflow created under the Campaign members Object.

Creating Email Templates: 
Creating HTML Email Templates 
Creating Text Email Templates
Sample Workflow

Setup | Workflow and Approvals | Workflow Rules | New Rule

Step 1: Select object = Campaign members
Step 2: Configure Workflow Rule = fill out the fields
Evaluation Criteria = created, and every time it’s edited
Rule Criteria
Field = Campaign Member: Created Date 
Operator = not equal to 
Value = null
Step 3. Click Save & Next


Under Immediate Workflow Actions
1. Select New Email Alert
2. Type in a Description
3. Select the template
4. Select recipient
5. Save

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