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Link events to Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Calendars

Knowledge Article Number 000221394
Here are some ways you can get other calendars to show up as a quick-link to a Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo personal calendar. 

For Yahoo and Hotmail

  • There is no easy way to do this with Yahoo and Hotmail. You may have to tell the subscriber to download the "ics" file and import it into their Yahoo or Hotmail calendars. 
  • There may be another way of creating a link to an event through Hotmail and Yahoo by creating a "Company Calendar" within Yahoo and Hotmail. You'd set them up as a public calendar and then share those calendars and get a link to that event that you could place within the email. 

For Gmail and Outlook

  • Gmail has a nice page where you can create the HTML that you would embed within your email and be able to link a Google calendar. The issue is that most computers have windows on them and when the ".ics" file is clicked, windows defaults to opening Outlook no matter if you are synced with the Outlook calendar on that computer or not. Most subscribers will use Outlook for their calendar so this may not be an issue.
  • We recommend having a separate link for Outlook and Gmail users as this should cover most of your subscribers.

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