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Find all Subscribers who have unsubscribed in an account

Knowledge Article Number 000221422
The best approach is to export your Subscribers from your "All Subscribers" list. 


Finding "All Unsubscribed" Users


1. Log in to the Marketing Cloud application.
2. Go to "Email Studio"-> "Email"-> "Subscribers" to access your All Subscribers list.
3. Click Search.
4. Under Criteria, change the "Search Where" to "Subscriber Status."
5. Change the "Is equal to" to "Unsubscribe."
6. Click Find Now.
7. From the Results, you can now choose to Export those subscribers.

Note: If the export file is over 5 MB in size, the system delivers it to your enhanced FTP account regardless of what you select here. If you don't have an enhanced FTP account, the system returns a message saying that you should call global support.

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