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List Detective overview

Knowledge Article Number 000221426

​List Detective is a proprietary Marketing Cloud database of bad email addresses that your Lists are "scrubbed" against whenever they're imported.

The database includes known email spam traps, blacklist addresses, wireless domains, global unsubscribes, and mistypes.



List Detective behaviors

  • New email subscribers added through the Marketing Cloud interface are also scrubbed against the List Detective database.
  • Data Extensions and Sends from CRMs are scrubbed at the time of the Send. Imports to Data Extensions occur very rapidly because no scrubbing occurs and it happens at the time of the Send. 


List Detective reporting and data disclosure

  • You can get a general report when you run an Import (if you select to receive one), but there's no direct reporting functionality in the User Interface for List Detective. 
  • We're happy to discuss why individual email addresses are included in the List Detective database, but we won't disclose the entire list. If you have any questions, create a case with Marketing Cloud Customer Support.

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