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Email Alert Recipients Not Accurately Displaying Active Users

Knowledge Article Number 000221615
Description Email Alerts can be set to send emails to different recipient types. When the recipient list includes individual Users, those users must be active in Salesforce in order to receive the Email Alerts. If you recently de-activated a User that was on the Recipient list of an Email Alert, you will notice that their name still appears in the list. However, when you click 'edit on the Email Alert, you will see that the de-activated User's name does not appear in the Selected Recipients list. 

How do you accurately update the Recipients to only show the Users that are activated to receive the Email Alerts and exclude inactive Users?
Resolution Salesforce does not automatically update the Email Alert recipient list to display the users who are active in the system. Inactive users will still show up on the Email Alert if the Email Alert has not been updated. The workaround is to simply edit the Email Alert and click 'save'. Upon the Edit screen, you should notice that only the Active Users will show up in the 'Selected Recipients' list. Upon saving, this will refresh the Email Alert to accurately display the recipients.

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