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Partner Community Users sending emails from Case Feed Publisher Action are not seeing the emails in the Case Feed

Knowledge Article Number 000221623
Description When a Partner Community User sends an email via case feed publisher action, the email is sent successfully but not logged in EmailMessage nor Case Feed. An activity is created successfully. 

* Set up a partner account and a partner contact. Enable the partner account as partner and allow the partner contact to log in to partner community 
* Set up a customer account and a customer contact (with a valid email address), and assign the account owner to the partner contact. 
* Create a new case for the Partner Contact, and assign the case to the Partner Contact 
* Log in to partner community using the partner contact, "Manage External User" -> "Log In to Partner Community", go to "Cases" tab, find the case, and using the case feed publisher action, send an email. 

The Partner Community User will not see the Email in the Case Feed. 
Resolution This is a known limitation and may be amended in a feature release. Currently, it is expected that Partner Community Users will not see emails in the Case Feed. 

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