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Notes record gets created after clicking on Cancel button

Knowledge Article Number 000221625
Description Starting in Summer ’15, Salesforce introduced Notes (Beta), an enhanced version of the Salesforce Notes functionality.  It's working as designed for the Note record to get created even after clicking on the cancel button.
Resolution If new Notes is enabled, you will see the “New Note” button in the “Notes” related list.  The following is expected behavior:

1. Go to related list “Notes”. Click on “New Note” 
2. Note record is immediately created and saved.
3. Click Cancel button.
4. “Notes” will display record just created.

The cancel button will discard any changes you made since clicking on “New Note” button, but the new record is away created when you click on “New Note” button.  
So if the New Note Button is clicked and nothing is entered and cancel is clicked, a blank note will be created.

If you need to remove the newly created record, please click the delete option from the “Notes” related list.

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