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Fix duplicate tracking caused by Marketing Cloud Winter 2014 Release

Knowledge Article Number 000221645

The original package for the Winter 2014 release (5.0.462.125358) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011+ contained an issue that caused duplicate tracking data to be recorded in an account. Learn how to fix the issue below. 


Steps to resolve

1. Download and then import the Hotfix build into their CRM Org. Installer Links:
2. Run the Bulk Delete job in CRM to delete all values in the ExactTarget Event Id column. Details below. 

Note: While this is a background process that should not cause issues with system performance, it's recommended that the Bulk Delete Job process is run during off-hours. Also, depending upon the number of impacted records, the CRM Admin may need to break the job down into smaller chunks, such as specific days/date ranges. 

3. To correct the data, manually request tracking for sends completed from the day that they imported the original Winter 2014 Release. 

You should not have to manually request tracking for sends made within 7 days of the date in which they import the Hotfix build. The fix to the Hotfix build will address the tracking data for these days that are being updated by the current running tracking process. 

Running the Bulk Delete Job

1. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click Settings.
2. Click Data management | Bulk Record Deletion
3. Click ExactTarget Events in the "Look For" dropdown. 
4. Select "ExactTarget Event Id" for the field. Make sure to select the value with a lower case d in Id, not ID. 
5. Select the operator "Contains Data." 
6. Click Next.

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