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How can system admin update the Forecast category for Opportunity owned by other users?

Knowledge Article Number 000221656
Description Certain organizations might need a functionality where a system admin can update the forecast category owned by another users. This field can only be edited by the Opportunity owner. Even a system admin cannot edit this field.
However, there is a work around you can use to fulfill your requirement. 

Resolution Below mentioned are the steps which can be followed by the system admin to update the forecast category for Opportunity owned by other users:
Step 1: Create a Custom Fields on Opportunity (E.g Forecast update) 
  1. Set up >customize >opportunity >fields >New >select data type 'Picklist'(The value in the field should be similar to forecast category)
  2. Make the field visible only to system admin
  3. Save
 Step 2: Create a Process via Process Builder
Set up >> Create >>Process Builder >>New.
Step 3: Choose Object and Specify When to start the Process 
  1. Click Add Object Select the Opportunity  from the list.
  2. Under Start the process, select when a record is created & edited
  3. Click Save
 Step 4: Define Criteria  
  1. Click Add Criteria
  2. Define the Criteria Name
  3. Under Criteria for Executing Actions select Conditions are met
  4. Under Set Conditions select the field--> Forecast update >> operator “Equals” >> Type “Picklist” >> value “Omitted”.
  5. Under Conditions select All of the conditions are met(AND)
  6. Click Save
 Step 5: Define Immediate Actions  
  1. Click Add Action under Immediate Actions
  2. Select the Action type as Updated Records
  3. Define Action Name
  4. Click Select a record to update and choose the Opportunity
  5. Under Criteria for updating records select "No Criteria -Just update the records!"
  1. Under set new field values:
Field"Forecast category" >> Type "Picklist">>Value "Omitted”
Step 6 : Repeat the Step 4  and Step 5 for other pick list values like pipeline, best case etc.
Step 7: Activate the Process 
  1. Click Activate at the top right hand corner of the screen to activate the process
  2. Click Ok on Activate Version screen


Above resolution was setup for a system administrator only, to change who gets to the possibility of changing the Forecast category, all depends on Step 1, Point 2: Make the custom field visible only to system admin.


If you would like other users to be able to change the Forecast Category, you need to give them access to this custom field as well. You may create a permission set, in which you may give Read/Write access to this field. Assign this permission set to users you want to be able to change the forecast category.

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