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Salesforce1 - Click-To-Dial Phone Numbers in Visualforce Pages

Knowledge Article Number 000221658
Description The tel URL scheme is used to launch phone (Dialler) applications on mobile devices as well as some desktop integrated phone systems. Although Salesforce has a specific Visualforce tag "<support:clickToDial> for CTI adapters this will not work for mobile diallers although most web browser integrations such as Skype will work with this.
(Skype simply overlays it's own interface on tel: and recognized phone number fields) 

You also cannot use <apex:outputLink>, <apex:outputeField> or simply include the text directly in a page to have it enabled for click to dial from a mobile device although again some phone models will allow you to highlight a number and, if it is in a specific format, dial that number.
Resolution In Salesforce1 if you wish to include a click-to-dial link in your Visualforce, embedded or standalone, page then you will need to use the direct HTML tags in order to have it work on all devices. 

<a href="tel:{!Account.Phone}" target="_blank">{!Account.Phone}</a>

<a href="tel:+353-86-232-4251" target="_blank">+353-86-232-4251</a>

This will give you a link you can click/press in the majority of mobile devices that will in turn open up either a selection prompt or give you the option to dial the number only. We use target="_blank" to open a new embedded window and thus call your dialler selection on the device. 


Applying custom CSS or JavaScript to the HTML link in some implementations can cause the device to not dial out. If the link does not seem to be operating correctly, try removing the styling and/or JavaScript code to test the link behavior. 

iOS devices without a dialler application will only be presented with options such as
  • Add to Contacts
  • Add to Existing Contact
  • Facetime etc.
  • You can have other options specified depending on the status of your device or applications installed.
Android devices should initially give you an option to select from a range of applications installed on your device however it is possible to set a default app so you may be brought directly to your default dialler or another application you have set this up for. 

For more information about the tel URL scheme, see RFC 2806 and RFC 2396.

Actions taken by your device, including but not limited to
  • Default application settings
  • Additional options provided for opening the tel URL scheme
  • Applications installed on your device hi-jacking the tel: URL scheme 
... are not within's control from the tel URL scheme and are usually device dependent. For more information please reach out to your relevant device OS provider on any additional programmatic options that you can avail of around the URL scheme or other applications. 

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