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BEST PRACTICES: Entitlements

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Salesforce Success Services

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Overview Steps    Info 
Step 1: Determine Entitlement Model
Do you need to...?Entitlement Model
 Entitlement Only
[No Service Contract]
Service Contract
Line Items
Support Product Warranties  
View Entitlement Details in the App
Manage Renewal Process 
Sell Support Separately 
Provide Long Term Support 
Manage Service Contract Details  
Track Support Product Line Items  
 Step 2: Setup & Configure________________________________________________________
  • Customize > Entitlement Management > Settings > Enable Entitlement Management
  • Choose filters
  • Add Related Lists to objects (Account, Contact, Asset)
  • Customize Cases - Add Entitlement Fields
  • Create Custom Fields for Entitlement Page Layouts
  • Add Entitlements Tab
  • Create custom fields for Service Contracts and Page Layouts
  • Display Contract Line Items Related List on Service Contracts
 Step 3a: Automate Milestones ________________________________________________________
(the steps your agents must complete in your support process)
  • Time Commitments (your Service Level Agreements - SLAs)
    • First Response
    • Workaround
    • Resolution
  • Ensure each Milestone has entry and exit criteria
    • For example, "SLA only applies to cases created via your Customer Portal"
  • Milestone Action (Time-Dependent Workflow Actions that occur at every milestone)
    • Success Action - ex. "Create a task to remind the Case Owner to update their log"
    • Warning Action - ex. "Status is updated when SLA is approached"
    • Violation Action - ex. "Manager is alerted when there is an escalation"
 Step 3b: Automate Processes________________________________________________________
Entitlement Processes
(a collection of Milestones that form a response timeline)
  • NOTE: Not all entitlements require processes!
Setup Steps:
STEP 1 - Create Milestones
  • Customize > Entitlement Management > Milestones
  • Add Milestone fields and related lists to your Case Page Layouts
STEP 2 - Create Processes
  • Customize > Entitlement Management > Entitlement Processes
  • Activate
STEP 3 - Add Milestones to Entitlement Processes
  • Set Time Trigger, Order & Criteria
STEP 4 - Add Milestone Actions
  • Consider actions for Successes, for Warnings and for Violations
  • Possible Actions:
    • Field update
    • Task
    • Email
    • Outbound Message
    • Existing Action

For additional Service Cloud resources, be sure to review the Service Cloud Journey and join our Success with Service Cloud community.​

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