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Chatter Enhanced User-Follow Model

Knowledge Article Number 000221706

Your Chatter feed just became even more essential
Today we are announcing exciting changes to the way Chatter selects posts for your feed! Our new user-follow model empowers you to use Chatter to stay connected with anyone across the organization. 

What’s new?
Now, when you follow another person on Chatter, your feed will display posts that they author, not what others post to their wall. This is similar to the follow model used by popular social networking sites. 

How is this different?
Previously, if you were following someone, everything posted to their wall would also be shared in your feed. In the new follow model, you will see more of what they say, rather than what other people say to them. 

Please note that no change has been made to the way follow works for groups and records. Also, feeds other than the news feed (user profile feed, group feed, record feeds) are unchanged. An @mention functions the same in both the new and old follow models.

Why is this better?
This will make the Chatter news feed more relevant because you will discover more conversations happening in the organization, through the people that you follow. In the old follow model, following a user had almost no effect because few people posted on others’ walls. Now following a user will bring you anything that they author, giving you a better view of what others are doing. 

How does this affect me?
When we turn on the new model, you may want to review your user subscriptions, as you will now see more posts in your feed. You may find yourself wanting to follow fewer people as a result. 

These changes may also require some change in behavior. Currently, many users post on the wall of a popular user to broadcast their posts across the company. In the new follow model, posting on a user’s wall will not make your post show-up in the feeds of users who are following her. We recommend that if you want to broadcast a post to the entire company, you post to the All group.


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