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Cannot run territory re-alignment rule due to error message stating that an unrelated user requires Read access to Opportunities

Knowledge Article Number 000221732
Description When trying to run assignment rules for a territory the following message may be received:

"Your Territory Realignment for ... cannot be completed due to the following error: User xxx requires Read access to Opportunities. Resolution: Please enable xxx Read access to Opportunities and run the Territory Realignment for ... again. Thank You,"

Now the user mentioned here may not be a member of the territory, and may look to be completely unrelated to it, so this can cause some confusion as to why an unrelated user should have to have opportunity access.

Reason for Error:

The reason for this error can simply be down to the fact that an account with multiple territories is losing territories (due to the territory re-assignment rule), and will only have one territory remaining. How we treat related opportunity ownership changes depending on the number of territories attached to an account - and it is different when we have multiple territories as opposed to when we have just one.  So this error message may not be due to granting access to accounts, but rather due to removing access to accounts. 

Example: say we have an Account which belongs to two territories: T1 and T2, and T1 and T2 both have one user each.  Say also that the Account is a parent to Opportunity "Opp1" that is owned by no territory members for T1 or T2. Based on: we can see that the opportunity is not assigned to either of these territories

However if we run a TM rule that would remove T1, the Account is no longer assigned to T1, and T2 would be the sole territory. Based on the article mentioned above the behaviour will now change, and as we have only one member of T2 the opportunity "Opp 1" is assigned to the same territory as the account, and the opportunity owner is the sole member of the territory.

Note: if we had multiple members of the territory T2 this behaviour would change slightly, and we would have a situation where "Opp 1" is assigned to the same territory as the account, and the opportunity owner is added as an inactive member of the territory. The owner of the opportunity remains unchanged.
The quickest way to resolve this error is as follows:

1. Find out, using reports, which accounts have just the two territories attached

2. Take the Territory Rule filters and apply them here to get a list of accounts that would lose the territory were it to be run

3. From this new list add a cross filter to only show accounts that have opportunities. These accounts will need to be excluded form the territory realignment somehow for it to run successfully (e.g. a checkbox on the page called "Bypass TM rules", tick it for these accounts, and then add a new filter criteria to the TM rule to say this checkbox must be FALSE)

Alternatively this can be worked around by adding a second person to the territory, or, of course, by giving the mentioned user access to opportunities

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