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Tracking picklist field history without using the field tracking history

Knowledge Article Number 000221754
Description Is there a way to have more than 20 fields Tracked using Field History Tracking?
Resolution Picklist can be tracked using the following workaround so that you can free up some of the field history racking Slots

It is done by creating a number of workflows that create tasks on the object and then create a report based on these tasks:
To create the workflow you would go to:
  • Setup> Create> Workflow & Approval
  • Click Workflow Rules
  • Click the New Rule button
  • Select the Custom Object, click next
  • Name the workflow rule
  • Set to evaluate when the record is created and every time it is edited to subsequently met the criteria
  • Set the criteria to:                      
                                      Field: (Picklist Fields)
                                      Operator: Equals
​                                      Value: (The option)
  • Then click Save and Next
  • In immediate actions
  • Click the drop down Add Workflow Action and select Add New Task
  • Then assign the Task to either a specific user or the owner of the record.
  • In the Subject Identify the value the that the field was changed to ((Field name) Changed To (Value))
  • Set the due date to 0 Days After rule trigger
  • Mark the Status as Completed
  • Click Save, and click Done.
The above workaround for workflow rule is available in Enterprise edition and above. Professional edition if the workflow rule is Active in Org.

To create the report:
  • Go to the Report Tab
  • Click on the New Report Button
  • Select the Activities With Report and click Create
  • Set the Report to All Activities
  • Set the Date range you need
  • Then Add the Subject field to the filter
                                 Subject Contains (Field name in the subject)
  • Change the Report format to Summary Format
  • Group by the record name.
  • Click Run Report
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