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Sends to a report fail when using Person Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000221756
When sending to a Report with Person Accounts attached, you may receive a general error indicating that the Contact ID or Lead ID is missing from the Report. If the Report does in fact have a field for Contact ID or Lead ID (usually pulled into the Report through a Lookup function), then the root cause may be an issue with how the Report is displaying that Field Name. By default, the Report will display the Contact ID or Lead ID field as something like this: "Person Account: Contact ID" or "Account: Person Account: Contact ID." While the Lookup function is supported generally, the Marketing Cloud can't recognize the field name, and so says that it's not present.

Sample error: 
Could not find the fields: Lead ID, Contact ID, Lead: Lead ID, Contact: Contact ID
You'll want to edit the Field Name in the Report Layout so that the field's Display Name is "Contact ID" or "Lead ID" only.

Update the Report Layout

1. Go to Setup.
2. Go to Create Report Types. 
3. Select the Report Type used for the Report in question. 
4. In the Edit Custom Report Type screen, select Edit Layout
5. Select the Contact ID field from the appropriate object (i.e. Account).
6. Click Edit Properties.
7. In the Display As field, remove all text except for "Contact ID". 
8. Click Save.
9. Rerun the Report.
10. Perform the send. 

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