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How to change the Opportunity Split Type? (100% Validation)

Knowledge Article Number 000221786
Description Updating the Split Type on Opportunities will change the behavior and validation of the Split for the Opportunity.  

You can add or remove the 100% Amount validation and set a custom Split Type for existing Opportunities.

By default, there are 2 Opportunity Split Types, Revenue and Overlay.  Revenue requires all Amounts to equal 100% of the Amount of the Opportunity.  Overlay allows for any Amount including totaling over 100% the Amount of the Opportunity.  For more information on Split Types, see 
Enable Opportunity Splits and Split Types and Create Custom Split Types for Opportunity Splits​
Resolution To change the Split Types for existing Opportunity Splits via API (Apex Data Loader, etc):

1.  Export the Split Types from Opportunity Split Type (OpportunitySplitType) object.
This will provide the IDs for the current Opportunity Splits, including the default Revenue and Overlay to be used in #3.

2. Export Id and SplitTypeId from the Opportunity Splits (OpportunitySplit) to be updated.  You will need a list of specific Opportunity IDs to export the Opportunity Splits to be updated.
-The Opportunity IDs can be exported from a Report or also via API.  
-Query for specific Opportunities may look like: SELECT Id, SplitTypeId from OpportunitySplit WHERE OpportunityId IN('OppId1','OppId2')

3. Update the file by setting the SplitTypeId to the ID of the desired Split Type (for example, to the Overlay split type to remove the 100% Amount validation).

4. Using the update file, update the Opportunity Split (OpportunitySplit) object mapping the Id and SplitTypeId.
*Id will be the Opportunity Split record ID.

The Opportunity Splits will now be the Split Type(s) set in the update file.

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