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Using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and unable to edit Household Account fields

Knowledge Article Number 000221870
Description User using NPSP needs to edit the fields on Households (Accounts) and clicks on the Household name and then clicks "Edit" to update fields or add additional fields but is unable to. When user clicks "Edit" on Accounts they may see the image below in a Visualforce page displaying Contacts and their information but not showing Account fields:
Removing the Manage Household feature

While using NPSP the new Default behavior for some orgs is that now the "Edit" on Household Accounts will direct you to a Visualforce page to help you Manage Households enter new Contacts quicker.If an Administrator wants to have the Native Salesforce Standard functionality back to be able to click on "Edit" and directly edit Account fields they can do the following:

1.) Go to:
Setup | Build | Customize | Accounts | Buttons, Links & Actions

2.) There we click on "Edit" next to the left of "Edit" and change it to "No override", thus using the standard page instead of the Visualforce page.

3.) Click "Save". 

****For Admins who want to have the standard "Edit" Accounts ability but also would like to have the feature to "Manage Households" there is a custom "Manage Household" button available. This can be added to the page layout.***


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