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"License limit exceeded" message occurs if you attempt to insert a user via the api and assign them feature licenses that you do not have.

Knowledge Article Number 000221882
Description When an Admin tries to import Users using API they may receive the following message: "License limit exceeded"

This can occur if you have feature license columns set to "true" in your import file that you either don't have the license for or do not have enough licenses for these new users.
As of now, below are the following feature licenses that can be enabled via the api:

3. UserPermissionsChatterAnswersUser (Chatter Answers)
4. UserPermissionsInteractionUser ( Flow User)
5. UserPermissionsJigsawProspectingUser ( User)
6. UserPermissionsKnowledgeUser (Knowledge User)

7.  UserPermissionsLiveAgentUser (Live Agent User)
8. UserPermissionsMobileUser (Apex Mobile User)
9. UserPermissionsOfflineUser (Offline User)
10. UserPermissionsSiteforceContributorUser ( Contributor User)
11. UserPermissionsSiteforcePublisherUser ( Publisher User)
12. UserPermissionsSupportUser (console Permission)
13. UserPermissionsWirelessUser (Wireless User)
14. UserPermissionsWorkDotComUserFeature ( User

In the future more feature licenses may be added or become API accessible, you can refer to the SOAP API Developer's Guide: User Object for API operations that can be performed on the User object and which fields are accessible.

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