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Customer Unable to see “FOLLOW” button on record details page.

Knowledge Article Number 000222000
Description Customer is unable to follow records as they cannot find the "Follow" button on the record page.
Resolution In order to see the "Follow" option, please follow steps below:-
  1. Go to any affected records page, for example Cases.
  2. Click on the "Page Layout".
  3. Click on Feed View right at the top on layout page. Or else go to Cases > Page Layout > Feed View.
  4. Now Scroll down and go to Other Tools and Components.
  5. If you find Followers List and Following Icon Hidden, then Unhide those to fix the issue.
Here are the steps to Unhide:- 
  1. Go to Other Tools and Components in Case Layout Page.
  2. Move Followers List and Following Icon from Hidden to either Right or Left Column.

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