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Conversion Tracking is empty in a Tracking Report

Knowledge Article Number 000222041
Conversion Tracking amount is empty in a Marketing Cloud Tracking Report.

Common causes for missing Conversion Tracking data 

  • None of the Conversion Tracking records sent to the Marketing Cloud click servers have Accumulate="true" set in the Data portion of the string The data being passed for the amt value on the conversion is non-numeric. 
  • A blank/null value is sent for the value being accumulated, for example the Data portion may have looked like:
<data amt="" unit="Dollars" accumulate="true"/>
*This will break the accumulation because of the null/empty value. 
  • The amt field has a currency sign, like "$" in it. The amt field must be numeric digits only. 
  • The BatchID value is not being passed with the other information being sent to the click servers. If there is no BatchID returned, it is defaulted to 0 (zero) which may not match the actual BatchID associated with the actual email send to the subscriber. 

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