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Delete emails from the Global Folder in a Lock & Publish account (L&P)

Knowledge Article Number 000222046

Emails published to a Lock & Publish (L&P) account aren't designed to be deleted from the Global Folder, but there are a few workarounds:



Workaround to remove emails from the Global Folder

Best practice - Configure a date range for the email to be available to your L&P Global Folder. After that time expires, the email will no longer be available.

If you need to delete the email, you can move the email to another folder that will allow you to delete it with these steps:

1. In the navigation pane, click Content.
2. In the email workspace, select the checkbox for the email you want to move and delete.
3. Click Properties.
4. Click Move.
5. In the "Move Email" dialog box, select a folder, then click OK.

The email is moved immediately to the newly selected folder and you can delete it from there.

Note: Relocating an email has no effect on any past or scheduled deliveries of the email.


Delete email from multiple L&P accounts

To delete email from several L&P accounts at the same time, create a case with Marketing Cloud Customer Support and include these details:

  • The Enterprise account Member ID.
  • Email Name.
  • Email ID that needs to be removed.

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