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Marketing Cloud API Triggered Send "Error 128 180008: Unable to queue Triggered Send Request. There are no Valid Subscribers"

Knowledge Article Number 000222050
There are several reasons you'll receive the ""Error 128 180008: Unable to queue Triggered Send Request. There are no Valid Subscribers," outlined below. 

The call not passing something that is required by the system

Any required attribute(s) and value(s) need to be added to the call, like in this example: 
<Name>attribute name</Name> 
<Value>attribute value</Value> 

An attribute with a restricted value is in the incorrect format

For example, restricted attribute values of Yes or No and sending a value of Y or N. Check to be sure there are no spaces before or after the email address that is being passed in the call. 

The list that the triggered send is adding subscribers to has been deleted

<error_description>Error creating/updating Triggered Send</error_description> 
13000:The List used by the Triggered Send could not be found.

The attributes not being in the proper format for a triggered send call

The format for a Triggered Send XML API call is different from a normal send through the XML API. The attributes must be in this format: 

Check that the call has the correct syntax for all of the opening and closing tags

A good way to be sure is to re-build the call using the Call Wizard in 3sixty

The <Owner><FromName> is not a user setup in the account, or the Triggered Send is in a Paused status

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