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"Error 128 180008: Unable to queue Triggered Send Request. There are no Valid Subscribers" in a Marketing Cloud API Triggered Send

Knowledge Article Number 000222050

There are several reasons you'll receive the "Error 128 180008: Unable to queue Triggered Send Request. There are no Valid Subscribers," outlined below:



The call isn't passing an attribute required by the system 

Any required attributes and values need to be added to the call, as in this example:

<Name>attribute name</Name> 
<Value>attribute value</Value> 


The call uses an attribute with a restricted value in the wrong format 

For example, restricted attribute values of "Yes" or "No" and a sending value of "Y" or "N." Make sure that there aren't any space before or after the email address passed by the call.


The Triggered Send is adding subscribers to a list that has been deleted

For example:
<error_description>Error creating/updating Triggered Send</error_description> 
13000:The List used by the Triggered Send could not be found.


The call's attributes aren't using the correct format for a Triggered Send call

The format for a Triggered Send XML API call is different from a normal send through the XML API, so attributes must use the following format:



The call is using an incorrect syntax for the opening and closing tags

Review your tags and, if necessary, rebuild the call using the Call Wizard in 3sixty.


The <Owner><FromName> in your call isn't related to a user on the account (or the Triggered Send is in a "Paused" status)

Make sure that your Triggered Send's status isn't stopping it from running and that you're referring to an active user set up on your account.

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