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Deleting Private Messages in Chatter.

Knowledge Article Number 000222053
Description This article provides the steps on how to delete Private messages from Chatter.
Resolution An administrator or any user with the “Manage Chatter Messages” permission can view and delete Chatter message. Users with this permission can also access all Chatter messages through the SOAP API.

In order to get the “Manage Chatter Messages” permission, you may have to use permission sets for the user. Once the user has the  “Manage Chatter Messages”  permission, they can see "Chatter Messages" object in Data Loader.

NOTE: In order to get the Message Id for chatter message, you would have to use the Data Loader.

In order to get the Chatter Message ID, please follow the steps below:
  1. Open Data Loader application and click on Export.
  2. Sign in using Salesforce Credentials + Security Token.
  3. Check the box "Show All Salesforce Objects", select "Chatter Messages" from the object list.
  4. Click Browse and specify the location to save the file and Click on Next.
  5. Click "Select All Fields" button (NOTE: To see the content of the message, select Body field).
  6. Click on Finish and Ok.

From that file, please gather the id's of those messages - which you would like to delete. Once you have prepared the file with the Id's, please follow the steps below:
  1. Open the extracted CSV highlight only ID column.
  2. Copy that column and paste it in a New Excel file.
  3. Save this file as Comma Separated Value type (CSV).
  4. Open Data Loader application.
  5. Sign in using Salesforce Credentials + Security Token.
  6. Choose "Delete".
  7. Choose ‘Chatter Message’ from the list and open the newly created CSV using ‘Browse’ button.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click ‘Create or Edit a Map’ button.
  10. Click ‘Auto-Match Fields to Columns’ button to match the CSV fields with fields in Salesforce.
  11. Click OK & click Next.
  12. Choose the location where you want to save Result & Error CSV files using Browse button.
  13. Click Finish.

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