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Results of Journey Builder Random Split didn't distribute as expected

Knowledge Article Number 000222093
The Random Split Activity allows you to create multiple outcomes that Contacts are randomly directed into within an Interaction. Each Contact will be siphoned into these outcomes one at a time. 

If the Random Split did not distribute evenly to the outcomes as expected, it may be due to the number of Contacts. If a small number of Contacts are evaluated and the Random Split has one outcome that has a much higher percentage than the other outcomes, it's likely due to a higher than expected percentage of Contacts will be placed on that outcome. 


For example:

If you have a random split of 80%/20%, and inject one Contact, it's more likely that it'll be placed on the 80% branch. If you inject 10 Contacts, each of those Contacts will have an 80% chance of being placed on that branch. With such a small sample size, it's possible that more than eight of the Contacts will be placed on that branch. If you were to inject 100 contacts, it's more likely that the distribution will be closer to the 80%/20% split. 

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