Print this page Refreshing D&B companies doesn't behave consistently with StateCountryPicklist enabled

Knowledge Article Number 000222107
When State and Country Picklist is enabled, there is inconsistent behavior when refreshing D&B Company Records. The State and Countries may be removed, and added back while attempting to refresh.

This impacts D&B Company Records only, and does not affect the associated Accounts or Leads.

How This is Encountered:
  1. Navigate to an Account/Lead with a D&B Company Record Linked 
  2. Go to D&B company detail page, click refresh 
  3. Check address field 
  4. Click refresh again 
Expected Result: The address should not change since it's the same D&B company 
Actual Result:
  1. State and Country value are gone, and then added back after clicking Refresh again - OR-
  2. Customers may encounter the error message "Error: We can’t update your d&b company because of this error: A country must be specified before specifying a state value for field Contact your system administrator if you need help."
Suggested Workarounds:
  1. Customers who have 'Premium' Clean or Prospector (access to the D&B Company object), should be able to select 'Refresh' on the D&B Company Record until the State and Country is visible. 
  2. If the error is received, an option is to try deleting the D&B Company Record, and re-cleaning the associated Account/Lead to have it recreated. This is not a guaranteed workaround and may not resolve the error until the issue is resolved.

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