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Set up a REST call to inject subscribers into a Journey Builder Interaction

Knowledge Article Number 000222109
To configure a REST call to inject subscribers directly into a Journey Builder Interaction, you need to have a SoapUI 4.5 or greater and a Request Token call already created for your JB Apps Client ID and Secret. For more information, see Setting up a REST call to request a token in SoapUI.


Create a new REST project


1. Open SoapUI.
2. Go to File | New REST Project

3. Enter the this URI into the pop-up:
4. Click OK.
5. Change the "Method" to POST in the top left from the default method GET.
6. Below where you changed the method, click the +. 

Note: If you hover over it, the tool tip will display a message that says, "Adds a parameter to the parameter table".

7. Name this new parameter "access_token."
8. Change the "Level" to METHOD from the default level RESOURCE.

9. At the top, to the right of the Endpoint where your URL is displayed, change the resource to: /interaction-experimental/v1/events
10. Add your JSON payload to the lower left text box.  Example JSON for this call is:

"ContactKey" : "", 
"EventDefinitionKey" : "CONTACT-EVENT-54253b2f-8d45-baa5-a2e8-45f2cc1ebcde", 
"Data" : { 
"SubscriberKey" : "", 
"EmailAddress" : "" } 

The EventDefinitionKey value will come from one of two locations, depending on the usage:
  • When using Automation Studio or standard Triggers built from the Journey Builder UI, find the EventDefinitionKey in TriggerAdministration after the Trigger is created and saved.
  • When using Custom Triggers created with an Application Extension in AppCenter, this is the "key" property defined in the Application Extension.

Fire the event

1. Request the token.
2. Paste the token into the Value column to the right of your parameter access_token.
3. Click Run.

For more information on firing an event, see How to Fire an Event.

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