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Set up a REST call to request a token in SoapUI

Knowledge Article Number 000222110
API Integration Apps use an OAuth2 client credentials flow to acquire access tokens directly from the Marketing Cloud Fuel authentication service.  This token is required for SoapUI to access the API.
Before setting up a REST call to request a token in SoapUI, make sure you have an App Created in the Marketing Cloud App Center and have SoapUI 4.5 or greater installed.

Set up a REST call

1. Click File | New REST Project.
2. For the URL, enter ""
3. In the top-left corner, change the method to POST from the default GET.
4. In the "Resource" section to the right of the Endpoint, enter, "/v1/requestToken."

Example JSON to enter in the lower left JSON text box:
  "clientId": "ENTER ClientID",
  "clientSecret": "ENTER ClientSecret"

Test the REST call

1. Click Run.
2. The output displays your access token to be used in future REST calls.

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