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Why do I see only "Private" when defining Opportunity / Case access in a new Account Team Member?

Knowledge Article Number 000224922
Description I'm adding and editing Account Team Members and, sometimes, I see a discrepancy on the Access Level that I can grant when adding versus the Access Level that can be granted when Editing the same member. See:

Account Team Member creation:
User-added image
Account Team Member edition:
User-added image
Why is this happening?

Resolution Roles determine the access Users get to Cases and Opportunities regardless of who owns those records. The level of access is specified on the Role Edit page. You can see this if you navigate to your User, click on the name of your Role and click "Edit" once there. 

The list of initial possibilities when creating a new Account Team Member is determined by the User's Role setting.
If the Role's setting is restrictive (i.e. "Users in this role cannot access opportunities that they do not own that are associated with accounts that they do own"), only Private will show up.
If you want more options to appear you would need to edit the Role and go for one of the less restrictive options.

If, in the scenario above, you try to change the Opportunity level to "Read Only" you'll get an insufficient privileges error.

The only way to avoid the insufficient privileges message would be having Modify All Data or Modify All for the Object. Modify All permission effectively turns the User into a System Administrator with full access. Remember that you have multiple ways to control Sharing (e.g. Organization Wide Defaults, Sharing Rules, Roles, Manual Sharing...) but that, once the access is granted by any of them, you cannot expect the restrictive ones to apply. In this example, having the Modify All Data permission will override the restrictions that are in place due to the Role settings or the Organization Wide Defaults.

A similar scenario is described in the following Article: Why can't a User who has read/write access to an Account add Account Team Members with read/write access to Cases and/or Opportunities?

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