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Why are some users able to edit fields that has "Read Only" as per field level security and page layout?

Knowledge Article Number 000225548
Description Sometimes user will notice that they are able to edit the field which is 'Read Only'  as per Field Level Security and also on Page layout? Why does this happen and how can this be fixed?
Resolution This behavior is seen if the profile associated to the user has "Edit Read Only Fields" checked

To remove the permission:

1. Click on Setup >> Manager Users >> Profiles
2. Open the profile on which you want to uncheck the permission
3. Under profile >> System permission.
4. Uncheck the option “Edit Read Only Fields”
5. Save

This will remove the permission to edit read only fields

Note: Not all read only fields are editable. System fields like modified date, formula field are still not editable even with this permission.


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