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Error: Invalid or Null for restricted picklist: Owner Expiration Notice bad value for restricted picklist field

Knowledge Article Number 000225935
Description Issue: The "Owner Expiration Notice" field values in Salesforce and the CSV file are the same but the error message still appears when importing Contract Records using Data Loader.

"INVALID_OR_NULL_FOR_RESTRICTED_PICKLIST:Owner Expiration Notice: bad value for restricted picklist field: 15 days
Error fields: OwnerExpirationNotice"

Resolution Normally, the values in Salesforce to import must be the same of your CSV file. However by design, the "Owner Expiration Notice" field value on your Salesforce must not be similar to the value on your CSV as it must only contain a number.

For Example:
If the "Owner Expiration Notice" field value in Salesforce is "15 days", on your CSV file it should only be "15". 


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