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Lightning Experience: No new Task/Event link when hovering over the no open activities alert

Knowledge Article Number 000227298

If you are wondering why you don’t see the “New Task” and “New Event” link when hovering over the "no open activities" alert:

No Open Activites Alert


Resolution You will have to make sure you have “NewEvent” and “NewTask” in Global Action, with the exact caps and no spacing in the Name field:

Global Actions

Make sure New Task and New Event are in Lightning Experience Actions section. If you did not overwrite global actions in the Opportunity page layout, then make sure these two actions are in global page layout:

Lightning Experience actions section

DON’T FORGET: The visibility of New Task and New Event actions is controlled by page layout. 

Therefore, if you have multiple opportunity page layouts, some opportunity cards might not show the actions since it is governed by the opportunity card’s page layout. Make sure all opportunity page layout have these two actions unless you are intentionally hiding the actions for a particular page layout.

If you're unable to locate the Task and Event actions upon editing your page layouts ensure that you have assigned a record type to the global actions as outlined in the article, Why can't I see my global Publisher Actions?


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