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How can I report on entitlement management?

Knowledge Article Number 000227305
Description You can use custom report types to define report criteria from which users can run and create reports on entitlements, service contracts, and contract line items
Resolution After setting up entitlement management, the following custom report types are automatically included in the organization:
1. Accounts with entitlements with contacts - Lists accounts with entitlements that include contacts (named callers). This report can be found in the folder 'Accounts & Contacts'
2. Service contracts with contract line items - Lists service contracts with contract line items (products). This report can be found in the folder 'Customer Support Reports' 
Service contracts with entitlements - Lists service contracts with entitlements. This report can be found in the folder 'Customer Support Reports'

Users with the “Create and Customize Reports” permission can click Create New Custom Report on the Reports tab to run a report based on any of the above custom report types. Additionally, users can report on cases with milestones by selecting the cases with milestones report type under Customer Support Reports.

However, you can't customize this report type.

To customize entitlement management custom report types:
1. From Setup, click Create > Report Types.
2. From the All Custom Report Types page, you can:
Define a new custom report type by clicking New Custom Report Type. You can't select entitlements as a primary object.
3. Update a custom report type's name, description, report type category, and deployment status by clicking Edit next to a custom report type's name
4. Delete a custom report type by clicking Del next to the custom report type's name. All the data stored in the custom report type will be deleted and cannot be restored from the Recycle Bin
5. Display detailed information about a custom report type and customize it further by clicking a custom report type's name.

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