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Salesforce1: Link format to launch Salesforce1 from an email

Knowledge Article Number 000227319
Description Often times, we want to be able to have users open Salesforce1 from a link in an email, but are not sure of the proper format. Below is the proper format for Android and iPhone
Resolution To open a record from a link in Salesforce1, please use the following format below

For iPhone only:

For iPhone and Android:

In these examples, provided that the email template is associated with an Account, it will launch the Salesforce1 app and bring the User directly to the associated record. Please note that the com.salesforce.salesforce1://entity/view?entityId={!Account.Id} example, will only work for iPhone. Also, this will work for other objects by simply replacing {!Account.Id} or {!Account.Link} with the proper merge field, specific to the object. For example, and likely most requested, links to Cases would be com.salesforce.salesforce1://entity/view?entityId={!Case.Id} or {!Case.Link}. 


These links need to be part of an email template. Adding them in an email will not work as it will not pull the data. Please be sure to include these in a new or existing email templates.

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