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Data Missing when Merging Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000227444
Description When merging duplicate accounts that are utilizing relationship groups are being used. New account is not showing new activities (future events and tasks) from merged account. 
Resolution Please see the below steps to review:

Step One: 
Go to the custom object for your Relationship Group
Select Edit on the Custom Object 
Review and see if you have selected to "Track Activities" 

This will ensure that all Activities (Tasks,Events) that are with a user in a relationship group will be tracked and followed. All relationship groups that the user is in will be able to view activities (Events and Tasks) of the user even when merged. 

Step Two:
Review and see if you have included activities on the Page Layout.
Select here on how to access your page layout

Select and Add Activities on the page layout. 

Also review if you have included activities on page layout this will ensure that the accounts that you merge have the same page layout and all activities can be merged on the page itself.

Note: All Completed Tasks and Events will not be merged into new account.

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