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Partner Users in Your Community Can Import Accounts, Contacts, and Leads

Knowledge Article Number 000227474
Description New in Winter '16, Partner users in your community can now import accounts, contacts, and leads using the Data Import Wizard.

On the Accounts and Contacts tabs, partner users now see an Import My Organization’s Accounts & Contacts link.  On the Leads tab, partner users now see an Import Leads link.  Your partner users can upload a CSV file and quickly import their data. 

The import wizard does not include any Salesforce branding, so partners will be unaware that they are using a Salesforce product.  

After an import is complete, the partner user receives an email with the import results.  They also become the owner for all the accounts, contacts, and leads that were imported.

Permission(s) needed: To allow your partner users to access and use the import wizard, assign the following user permissions: “Import Personal Contacts” and “Import Leads.”

Note: Partner users with legacy portal licenses can import leads and contact in communities, but not in portals.

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