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Managing Emailed Dataflow Alerts in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000227582
Description When dataflows in Wave Analytics encounter an error or fail for other reasons, an alert will be triggered. By default, this is sent to the email address of the user who initialized the dataflow. In some cases, you may wish to update these settings.
Resolution To do this, an API client such as Workbench can be used to manually update the dataflow to change the preferences for emailed alerts.

Steps to do this in Workbench are as follows:
1. Open Workbench
2. Click on REST Explorer 
3. Retrieve the dataflow/workflow ID. This starts with 0Bw and may appear in the Message field of the failed run in Data Monitor. You can also query the following in Workbench: /insights/internal_api/v1.0/esObject/workflow/
4. In the REST API URI line type in the following (replace DATAFLOW_ID with your dataflow id, ): 
5. Choose type: PATCH 
6. In the Request Body type in the following text. You can set the PREFERENCE to either "Always" or "Warnings". Change the "" to the desired email address. 
   NOTE: You can only provide one email address.
7. Click Execute. 

This will update the delivery settings for your dataflow. 

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