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Dataflow Error "Field is not available" in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000227661
Description Wave Analytics dataflows run through the Integration User. If the Integration User profile does not have visibility for a field in the dataflow, it will cause the following error:
Error executing node sfdcDigest_Node: Field [Field_Name] is not available. Verify that the field exists and that the Analytics Cloud Integration User profile has Read level access on the field.

If more than one field in the same node is affected, the error message is as follows:
Error executing node sfdcDigest_Node: Fields [Field_Name_1, Field_Name_2] are not available. Verify that the fields exist and that the Analytics Cloud Integration User profile has Read level access on the fields.

This is generally caused by Field Level Security or managed package access.

Determine the related Object

Retrieve the dataflow JSON through the following steps:
1. Gear Icon > Data Monitor
2. Change view to Dataflow View
3. Click the dropdown options on the right side for the target dataflow and select Download
4. Open the resulting file in your favorite JSON editor
Locate the specified node to determine the object, this will generally appear as follows:
"sfdcDigest_Node": {
    "action": "sfdcDigest",
    "parameters": {
      "object": "Object",

Confirm Field Level Security settings

Review the Field Level Security for the Object within the Profile assigned to the Wave Integration User. Ensure the profile has Read Access on the field(s) listed in the error. More information about managing FLS can be found here: 

Check Managed Package access

Review the Custom Fields on the Object. Determine if they are part of a managed package.
Ensure that the Integration User has the necessary permissions and/or licenses to access the managed package that contains the target fields. Methods for granting access to managed package components vary, reach out to the package creator for assistance granting access to its components.

Restart Dataflow

Once these items have been updated, you can re-run the dataflow by selecting Start from the dropdown menu in the Data Monitor.

Additional Reference:
Control Access to Salesforce Objects and Fields

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