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Gmail List-Unsubscribe header

Knowledge Article Number 000228135
There are several resources that discuss the Gmail Unsubscribe feature and the use of a List-Unsubscribe header. Review these resources and learn how this connects to your Marketing Cloud Email account below. 

Using a List-Unsubscribe header is considered a best practice by many groups, like Strongmail, even before the Gmail Unsubscribe feature. Gmail also strongly recommends providing a 'List-Unsubscribe' header which points to an email address or a URL where the user can unsubscribe easily from future mailings (This is not a substitute method for unsubscribing). 

The List-Unsubscribe header offers recipients a simpler opportunity to indicate they no longer want to receive a message from a brand without choosing to report it as spam. A frustrated user may choose to hit the "Report Spam" button or complain in some other way about an email rather than search for an unsubscribe link in a footer. 

One helpful link that offers some guidance concerning the Gmail's Unsubscribe comes from the ExactTarget Blog: When You Should Enable Gmail’s Native “Unsubscribe” Link. 

Want to learn more? Here are some helpful Gmail resources: 

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