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Why Does User Gets Insufficient Privileges Error When Sending Email From A Case

Knowledge Article Number 000228178
Description Org Wide Default for Cases is Public Read / Write but when a User sends an email or logs an activity from a Case record the system returns an Insufficient Privileges error message.
Resolution This error is seen when the related Contact record is not associated to an Account Record.

User needs to have at least Read access on the Contact related to the Case in order to log an Activity and/or Send Emails.

Steps to replicate this scenario (advisable to do in a Sandbox or developer org) :
1. Login as system administrator into the org
2. Set the organization wide default of Account to "Public Read Only" and Cases to "Public Read/Write"
3. Create a New Contact and do not associate it to any Account
4. Create a New Case and choose the newly created Contact
5. Copy the case link to a notepad
6. "Login As" Support User and open the newly created Case
7. The Case will be accessible
8. Now click on "Send an Email" button in the 'Activity History' related list

The insufficient privileges will be returned by the system.

The way to resolve this would be to either make the Contact related to any Account so that is it not private anymore or to make sure the user has the relevant access to the record.

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