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Error "You can only view this page in a console" when accessing console App

Knowledge Article Number 000228190
Description When a User Logs in and Click on the Tab "Back to Console" ends up getting an Error message:
You can only view this page in a console. Please select a console from the app menu before you try to view this page.
Resolution Here are the steps to resolve this issue. 

1. A System Administrator will have to Edit the Console App: Setup | Customize | Apps
2. You need to remove the "Save User Sessions" checkbox. More about that feature in this Article: Save User Sessions for a Salesforce Console and Save that change.
3. The Administrator (using the login-as feature) or the affected User will need to log in and attempt to access the Console App. This time it should work.
4. The System Administrator can Edit the App again and check the "Save User Sessions" checkbox again.
Unfortunately at the moment the reasons for this issue to appear are unknown but we have those steps to resolve it if it happens.

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